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Magnum and Troye Sivan unveil ‘Honey’ remixes at Wherever Pleasure Takes You launch

Each remix shares its name with one of the three moods Magnum has chosen for the 2024 Wherever Pleasure Takes You campaign - Euphoria, Wonder, and Chill

By Alastair James

Magnum's Cannes event with Nicky Doll, Iggy Pop, and Troye Sivan
Nicky Doll, Iggy Pop, and Troye Sivan (Image: Provided)

We couldn’t have pictured it better. Being on the beach in Cannes, the sun shining gloriously, delicious Magnum ice creams, and to top it all off, some hot new Troye Sivan remixes.

On Thursday (16 May) Magnum launched its Wherever Pleasure Takes You campaign for 2024. To do that, it enlisted the help of Troye Sivan as well as Mura Masa, who created three brand new remixes of Sivan’s song ‘Honey’.

In a lavish event on the Magnum beach in Cannes, a select audience, plus those tuning into the live stream, were treated to snapshots of each of the remixes. Each shares its name with one of three moods Magnum has chosen for 2024 – Euphoria, Wonder, and Chill. These are the new flavour innovations that make up the Magnum Pleasure Express range.

Speaking to host Nicky Doll of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Drag Race France fame, Sivan said the partnership with Magnum made “a lot of sense” because both focused on deriving pleasure from life. “With music, it’s easy to get one thing right. You can write a lyric that says how you feel. Maybe you come up with some sort of production on a track that says how you feel. When you get all these things right, the thing that you achieve is a mood and a feeling. The stars really have to align. That’s constantly what I’m striving to create. So, it was a fun challenge to try and achieve these three different moods.”

The Grammy-nominated artist also spoke about collaborating with Mura Masa. Sivan said it had been important to work with someone who could match the brief agreeing with Nicky Doll it was a “match made in heaven.” A fan of Mura Masa, Sivan also said it was “really cool” to hear his song reimagined three times by someone he adored.

The pair were also joined by Iggy Pop. The three discussed how they got pleasure from everyday things in keeping with Magnum’s belief that a day without pleasure is a day lost. As well as bubble baths and the sea, Iggy Pop shared that “love and privacy” make him feel euphoric. Sivan then added: “Spending time with my family and cooking. And it’s been a long time since I toured but I have really strong memories of feeling total euphoria on stage. I’m really excited to be doing that soon.” Sivan’s Something to Give Each Other Tour starts in Lisbon on 29 May.

Then on Thursday night, Magnum, Troye, Nicky, and Iggy returned with a host of stars, including Gossip Girl‘s Kelly Rutherford and Sense8‘s Miguel Ángel Silvestre to celebrate the launch of the Wherever Pleasure Takes You campaign in true iconic style. It was a euphoric evening of indulgence and also pleasure that saw stars bring their version of the “Euphoria, Wonder & Chill” dress code to life.

As well as sensational headline sets from pop-icon Mika and Nicky Doll and DJ sets from Mura Musa and Justice, guests were also treated to Magnum’s signature dipping bar where they could create the ice cream indulgence of their dreams.

All three remixes are available to stream now on the Honey (Remixes) single.