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Yungblud responds as Boy George tips him for Culture Club biopic

“There was talk of Harry Styles, but I think he ran - he was too scared,” Boy George recently claimed.

By Jamie Tabberer

Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Instagram/@yungblud/wiki

Yungblud has said he’d “love” to play Boy George in an upcoming Culture Club biopic.

Speaking to Metro at last night’s European Music Awards in Hungary, the star furthermore acknowledged “rumours” that he’s auditioned for the project

(We’re potentially past the rumours stage – The Boy himself has confirmed producers are looking at ‘cotton candy’ singer Yungblud for the role!)

“Let’s see”

“There are f*****g rumours,” Yungblud, 24, said from the red carpet. “I would love to do it.”

“Let’s see, let’s go!” he added.

Last month, The Boy told The Mirror of the film: “They are looking at a kid called Yungblud. He is a big English sensation. He is quite young and he has been auditioning.

“There was talk of Harry Styles, but I think he ran. He was too scared.”

The ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me’ singer added of the project – which would follow Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody and Elton John biopic Rocketman: “I don’t want it to be like a fantasy of somebody else. I feel like it should be honest and truthful as I am hilarious.

“I say tell the truth as the truth is far more interesting than things that are made up, you know.”

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