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This straight YouTuber thinks it’s funny to ‘prank’ a gay acquaintance by pretending to hit on him

By Will Stroude

A straight YouTube prankster (tragic, we know) has gotten into hot water after posting a video of him pretending to hit on a gay acquaintance using song lyrics.

The video begins with the YouTuber, known as NoBiggie TV, complaining about gays with “no chill” who are obsessed with hitting on him. And honestly, who wouldn’t?


According to NoBiggieTV, “there are two types of gay dude, there’s the one type of gay dude who is like super cool, super chill, someone you can actually be good friends with, they’ll never try to hit on you.

“And then there’s the second type of gay dude, sassy, ego through the roof [the irony], always trying to hit on you, and no matter how many times you tell these guys, ‘look man, I’m straight’, they always say some shit like ‘oh but you don’t know what it’s like until you’ve tried it.’

“And it seems like every gay dude I run into always falls into the second category”

There we have it folks. Just two types of gays. Out of millions. Seems legit.

He adds: “where are all my chill gay people at?!”

We’re somewhere else. Away from you. Because you suck.

Anyway, the prankster, who just complained that gay guys can’t stop hitting on him, proceeds to hit on a gay guy by texting the lyrics to the song Summer by Marshmallow.

The exchange begins (the prankster’s messages are in blue). Surprisingly, the gay guy is in fact pretty chilled about receiving a message from out of the blue.


Wait. No, it’s not surprising, because we’re not all sex-crazed time-bombs just waiting to explode into shameless thirst the moment a straight guy looks at us. But who are we to complicate what must be a wonderfully simple world of a man who can’t even put nice sheets on his bed before recording a video in his bedroom?

The conversation continues. At one point, the lyrics say “now you’re lookin’ pretty in a hotel bar,” which our totally hilarious and absolutely not tragic and quite offensive prankster sends across.


The unsuspecting acquaintance responds to his flirty line, things ramp up and, well it goes exactly where you expected it to,


At this point, the prankster pretends to retch at the sexual situation he has set up entirely himself. Because apparently it’s the gay guys fault he messaged him out of the blue and started flirting, before revealing that this was all just a mean-spirited attempt to play with an unsuspecting persons emotions a hilarious prank!

Our sides. They split. Oh, the laughter.


After making several retching noises, he tells the gay man off for sending flirty texts – despite initiating the flirting himself. Because it’s always the gay guys fault, don’t you know?

“I could not keep going man, the imagery was getting way too fucking gross for me,” he complains. “I don’t think I’ll ever be texting this guy again.”

Thank God. Because you’re awful.

Thankfully, the comments seem to indicate that most people agree.

“You’re an ass how can you get disgusted when you’re the one that is flirting. Take this down”, on user wrote.

“The video started and I can already tell that you’re one of the most ignorant fucks I have seen on youtube,” added another.

Wasn’t that fun? Initiating a sexy conversation with a gay guy, just to embarrass him? For hits on YouTube? What a full life NoBiggieTV must lead.

You can watch the whole appalling nonsense – if you can bear it, that is – below:

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