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The Sims 4 offers first look at customisable pronouns for your Sims

A petition for the update collected more than 20,000 signatures.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: IGDB

The Sims 4 is getting ever more inclusive with an upcoming update that will allow users to customise their in-game pronouns.

Sharing a first look at the update, developers showcase how fans could choose to go beyond ‘he/him/his’, ‘she/her/hers’, and ‘they/them/their’ to choose how their character could be identified.

A petition started last year has so far collected more than 20,000 signatures calling for the change. 

“Gender neutrality plays a critical part in working towards a fully inclusive society”

DigitalSpy reports that developed have shared the work in progress with Sims producer, John Faciane, saying, “We know that this feature is near and dear to many of you, as it is to us as well. In our world today, we believe that gender neutrality plays a critical part in working towards a fully inclusive society.”

A menu will include the male, female and non-binary pronouns, but will also include an option to ‘customise’, which will allow users to enter their own pronouns.

One example listed is players could put their characters names in instead, while one image given to Digital Spy shows someone choosing ‘Ze/Zir/Zirs’. 

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Faciane hasn’t been able to confirm yet when the update will be ready but is promising further updates already.

He says, “Once the first version of this feature is out, please know that we are continuously working on improving the game over time and each update brings us one step closer to a greater inclusive experience in The Sims 4.”

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