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Neil-Amin Smith slams former Clean Bandit bandmates

By Ross Semple

There doesn’t seem to be any love lost between Neil-Amin Smith and his former Clean Bandit bandmates.

Clean Bandit is performing at Glastonbury this weekend, and former violinist Neil will not be in attendance at the festival. He took to Twitter to say that he wants to be there “so much”. He continued: “I almost wish I hadn’t left clean bandit but also don’t wish that at all I’m a puzzle

He continued: “I almost wish I hadn’t left clean bandit but also don’t wish that at all I’m a puzzle.”

Neil went on to say that a reunion with his former bandmates probably wouldn’t be a great idea. He says that  the last time they played the festival he was made to leave right after their performance “for an ethically dubious money job in Azerbaijan.”

He did not elaborate on what was ‘ethically dubious’ about the job, but he could be referring to the state of LGBT+ rights in the Eurasian country. Sexual contact between members of the same sex is legal inAzerbaijan, but there are no laws protecting LGBT+ citizens and same-sex marriage is illegal.

Neil finished his thread with a little bit of a dig at Clean Bandit: “but don’t worry I stayed true to myself and made sure my miming was as lacklustre as posss.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve noticed rumblings of a feud between Neil and the rest of the band.

Speaking to Metro earlier this year, former bandmate Luke Patterson, 27, revealed he hasn’t spoken to Neil since the violinist announced his departure from the band after eight years in 2016.

“I wouldn’t mind having a chat and it would be good to see what he’s up to,” he said. “He’s a clever guy and I’m sure he’s doing well.”

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