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Natalia Kills: ‘Reality TV producers plan drama for ratings’

By Josh Haggis

Natalia Kills has suggested that her behaviour on New Zealand’s X Factor was planned by producers.

Kills and her husband, Willy Moon, drew universal condemnation when they savagely criticised contestant Joe Irvine, Kills labelling the the hopeful singer “artistically atrocious” and accusing him of copying her husband’s style.


In a statement made to Billboard, the Bradford-born singer has claimed that “if” the incident was a ratings stunt, then it was “badly executed”.

“Obviously sometimes TV producers plan drama for ratings and it totally back fire[s] on them. But if that was another stunt then it was badly [executed],” explained Kills. “When you’re under contract there’s no room for error, so I wish I could have spoken up and addressed Joe sooner. It’s awful he got dragged into this but I wish him all the best on reality TV and with his music.”

“We had no idea what reality TV entails and how much or how little of it is reality. I am still shocked that all happened but we’re delighted… To be back and enjoy quality time together as husband and wife,” she added.

Responding to reports that she has lost her record deal over the global backlash, Kills claimed that she’s still with her US label and is working on a new album.

“I don’t know why the media said I ‘lost my record deal,'” she continued. “I changed management months ago and parted with Cherrytree Managment [sic] but I’m Still on Interscope UMG for now, I’m working on a new project and I’m celebrating Madonna’s album release with my song Holy Water we co-wrote.”

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