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Judge Robert Rinder thinks same-sex couples on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ would be ‘game-changing’

The celebrity judge got to the quarter-finals of the 2016 series of the hit BBC show

By Steve Brown

Judge Rinder thinks same-sex dance partners on Strictly Come Dancing would be “game-changing”.

The 40-year-old judge appeared as a contestant in the 2016 series of the hit BBC show and managed to get as far as the quarter-finals before getting booted off with dance partner Oksana Platero.

Now, it is reported that same-sex couples are being considered for the next series of the show, marking the first time in the series history, and Judge Robert Rinder doesn’t think it will be too controversial.

He told The Telegraph: “I don’t think it’s that controversial. In Blackpool they have loads of same-sex partners, particularly women dancing with women because there aren’t enough men.

“Look, it would be great if that happens because that visibility really does matter.

“Strictly is a big part of some people’s lives and for a young gay person going through [a difficult time], they could see that it can be fun, joyous and OK.

“People say society is post-gay, but there are places in London where it is still unsafe to hold the hand of your partner, so it could be game-changing.”

Recently Robert recently split with his husband Seth Cummings after a four year marriage and he added the break up was “very amicable”.

He said: “We were together for 13 years and one needs a grace period, but it’s all be very amicable.

“I think, ‘What did I learn from that, what went wrong?’