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Hayley Kiyoko keeps the queer anthems coming with ‘She’ – WATCH

'Lesbian Jesus' has done it again.

By Will Stroude

Hayley Kiyoko is keeping the gay energy high in 2020 with a brand new track that’s sure to become a queer anthem for her legions of fans.

The 28-yeard-old singer, lovingly referred to as ‘lesbian Jesus’ by her legions of fans, dropped the video for the empowering ‘She’ on Toiesday (14 January).

The single, which is an effervescent ode to grabbing life by the balls, is the fourth track to be taken from Hayley’s recent EP I’m Too Sensitive For This Sh*t, while the accompanying video even includes a cameo from former *NSYNC star Lance Bass.


Despite her status as one of pop’s hottest LGBTQ properties, Hayley admitted in an interview with Attitude in 2018 that she doesn’t feel tieh weight of being a queer figurehead.

“I don’t feel pressure from other people to be, say or do a certain thing. Everything you have seen has been 100 per cent me. That’s not going to change”, she said.

“The only pressure or expectation I have is within myself, wanting to be the best, wanting to be an artist you know does good work.”

The LA-born singer added: “My personal challenges have been [around] breaking stereotypes, normalising feelings and changing the expectations of what the norm of mainstream pop is.

“I’ve had people say, ‘Oh, you’re doing another video about a girl,’ and I reply, ‘Yes, that’s my life, that’s not a concept, that’s who I am’.”