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Green Lantern returns to DC Comics as gay man with two kids

That's canon!

By Jamie Tabberer

Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Warner Bros. Pictures

The latest iteration of the Green Lantern in DC Comics sees the character return as a gay father to twin children named Jade and Obsidian.

Also known as Alan Scott, an reimagined backstory involves the loss of Alan’s boyfriend in part prompting his superhero transformation.

The new take on the character commences with the publication of Infinite Frontier #0 this week.

“I’ve had a good deal of… friends over the years”

“Back in an earlier time I kept a part of myself hidden from my friends and peers,” he tells his adult kids in the new issue.

“I even let myself get married a few times to women I did love with all my mind, but I did that knowing there was something about myself I was hiding away.”

He later adds: “I let a few of the boys in the society know back in the day. And I’ve had a good deal of… friends over the years.”

We’re glad to hear it!

The new story was written by James Tynion IV and Stephen Byrne.

Known for his mighty power ring, the Lantern was portrayed by actor Ryan Reynolds in flop 2011 movie The Green Lantern.

He was first introduced in the Golden Age of Comic Books in All-American Comics #16 in July 1940 and went on to marry a woman, but previous noncanonical reimaginings have presented the character as gay.

A new Green Lantern-inspired live-action HBO Max show, dropping next month, will also introduce the character as gay from the start.

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