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Gay artist who had sex with different man each day for a year reflects on experience

By Fabio Crispim

Mischa Badasyan is a Russian-born performance artist living in Berlin and his latest project, ‘Save the Date’, has changed his perception of sex.

For the project Mischa went on a date and had sex with a different man each day for a whole year.

‘Save the Date’ was completed last August but Mischa has decided to reflect on his experience with the project in an interview with Vice.

In it, he reveals how he used hook-up apps such as Grindr and Tinder to find dates but after some time he resorted to using the old-fashion methods of cruising and meeting guys at gay hotspots.

Speaking about the encounters Mischa said, “I didn’t like the dates, I didn’t like the sex, I didn’t like anything.”

He reveals that the encounters became quick and emotionless, stating that he “had to use violence to enjoy sexuality” and he would punch partners.

He then adds that his sexuality is “very strange now.”

“I don’t go on dates with gay people anymore. The only way [I can] enjoy sex is voyeurism in men’s bathrooms, and by picking up straight, bi and undecided guys in the streets in Berlin.”

Speaking about what the project actually meant, Mischa said it could be interpreted in many different ways.

He says, “For some, it’s about sexuality; for some, it’s about freedom; for some, it’s about loneliness.”

You can watch a video of the project below:

You can read the full interview with Mischa over at Vice.

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