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‘Game of Thrones’ star wishes for ‘gay marriage everywhere’

By Sam Rigby

maisie-williams-10605Game of Thrones

actress Maisie Williams has spoken out in support of gay marriage.

The 17-year-old Brit – who plays Arya Stark on the HBO fantasy series – said during a fan Q&A that she wishes gay marriage would be made legal “everywhere”.

One fan asked: “If you could make three wishes, what would you choose?”

The actress replied: “From Maisie’s perspective, If i could have three wishes I’d wish for happiness for me, my family and everyone I care about, I’d solve world hunger and make gay marriage legal everywhere.”

Her Game of Thrones co-star Kristian Nairn came out as gay earlier this year, later adding that he is happy to combat gay stereotyping.

The fantasy series recently kicked off its fourth season, and has been commissioned for a further two seasons.

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