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Exclusive | Listen to Aaron Porter’s brand new single ‘Sorry’

The openly gay British singer has released his third single

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Since the release of his debut single ‘BOY’ last year, Aaron Porter has fast been making a name for himself with his fearless brand of stereotype-smashing R&B-pop – and now he is back with his third single.

‘Sorry’ follows the success of ‘BOY’ and ‘I Wanna Let Love’ which have amassed more than 200k streams to date and was written in the wake of a break-up.

Like most of his songs, ‘Sorry’ is based around his own life and things he has learnt to deal with from heartbreak to his sexuality.

The single is produced by previous collaborator Tev’n and with vocal production from Cameron Gower-Poole.

Speaking about his new single, Porter said: “How many times can you be apologised to before the word sorry starts to lose its meaning?

“I wrote sorry at a time when I refused to accept another apology from my ex, a bunch of roses couldn’t cut it by that point.

“Words without intent are literally just a bunch of meaningless letters. If you mean it, prove it.”

Porter will be performing at Flat Iron Square on July 6 as part of the Little Gay Brother Pride Party also featuring Nimmo and tickets can be bought here.

Listen to his new single ‘Sorry’ below:

Image by Parri Thomas