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Director Lucio Castro hopes labels like ‘gay movies’ will not exist in the future

Check out an exclusive poster for 'End of the Century'

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Argentinian director, Lucio Castro, hopes labels such as ‘gay movie’ or ‘LGBTQ movie’ won’t exist in the future.

In his award-winning, debut feature-length film End of the Century – which is set to open in select cinemas next month – two men, Ocho and Javi, meet by chance while in Barcelona.

What seems like a one-night encounter between two strangers becomes an epic, decades-spanning relationship, in which time and space refuse to play by the rules.

The film is also an observation of the shift that has taken place in gay culture over the last two decades, from the late 1990s – when the Aids pandemic still cast a shadow over so many lives – to the present day where science and technology has ushered in a new age of sexual liberation and equality.

Check out the trailer below:

End Of The Century – Trailer – Peccadillo Pictures from Peccadillo Pictures on Vimeo.

In Attitude’s February Travel issue – out now to order globally and download to any device – the director and screenwriter opens up on how LGBTQ films have broken into mainstream cinema over the last couple of years.

He says: “There’s something in that but the ideas of love and missed connections are universal.

“The movie has specifically gay characters but anyone can relate to its message. If anything, the more specific a story, the more universal it is.

Lucio Castro, shot by Markus Bidaux exclusively for Attitude’s February Travel issue, out now

“But definitely, showing gay sex now is not as controversial as before, people are a lot more accepting.

“I hope that one day those labels of ‘gay movie’ or ‘LGBTQ movie’ don’t exist, and everything wil just be a movie, but I understand the need for that now because I was one of those kids who wanted to see movies with gay characters.”

Read our full interview with Lucio Castro in Attitude’s February Travel issue, out now.

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