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Dad gets his own princess dress to dance with young son who loves Disney’s ‘Frozen’ – WATCH

Dad goals.

By Will Stroude

A father and son have gone viral after a video of their heartwarming dance routine to Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ was shared online.

Ørjan Burøe, a Norweigian comedian, was praised for challenging gender norms after posting a video of the touching moment he shared with his 4-year-old son Dexter last week.

In the minute-long clip, Ørjan and Dexter can be seen dancing to the classic Dsiney track while wearing matching princess dresses inspired by the film’s character Queen Elsa.

One person who spotted the uplifting clip was Frozen actress Kristen Bell, who voiced Princess Anna in the 2013 film.

“Immediate. Tears. Everywhere. #mykindaguy” the 38-year-old wrote on Twitter.

Ørjan told CBS that he didn’t want his son be tied down by outdated social norms.

“Just like kids don’t see color of skin, he just sees something that’s great. For him, Elsa is a superhero”, he told CBS.

“It’s important to teach children that you can do whatever you want to do and not put prejudice all over them. Soon enough you will find out who you’re going to be in life.”

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