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Cheryl Hole and Kitty Scott-Claus would ‘love to see drag kings’ on Drag Race UK

Exclusive: The girls reveal all in our Teatime feature, including their weirdest career lowlights and their thoughts on the queens from their seasons

By Dale Fox

Stylised header image of Cheryl Hole and Kitty Scott-Clause with flowers in the background
Cheryl Hole (left) and Kitty Scott-Claus are members of the Gals Aloud troupe (Image: Captured by Corinne; Design: Attitude)

Drag Race UK‘s Cheryl Hole and Kitty Scott-Claus are the dynamic duo you never knew you needed. As members of the Gals Aloud troupe, they’ve been “living their pop fantasy” together for years now. They’ll be bringing their act to the West End on 16 September, taking over the Lyric Theatre for one night of music, comedy, dancing, and general fabulousness.

We caught up with the (very lovely) pair ahead of the show to get the tea on which Ru Girl they’d like to marry, their weirdest career experiences, and the members of Girls Aloud they’d most like to work with.

What’s your best memory of working with each other?

Cheryl: Our first [Gals Aloud] show that we ever did, because it was Kitty’s first ever gig. We were in dire need of a Kimberly. Kitty had dabbled in drag from the theatre, but never done it with us, so we she was part of our friendship group and we just pulled her in. We knew she could perform and it was just like magic had happened. Watching this person absolutely come alive.

Kitty: Performing in our first show at the Underbelly was amazing. It was such a stress – we had one day’s rehearsal. We’d done the show before but not for ages, and this was the first time it had money put into it. I remember looking at Cheryl before we went on and she was like, ‘We’ve got this, girly-goo!’

Which member of Girls Aloud would you most like to work with?

Kitty: I’d love to collaborate on some music with Nicola. She’s such a talented writer and musician. I don’t think many people actually know how many songs she’s written on and how many people she’s collaborated with. Nicola – if you’re reading, I’m dying for a covers album with you! Everything that she covered on the Masked Singer and beyond has been beautiful and sensational. So Nicola, we need a covers album on Spotify!

Cheryl: I love Kimberly Walsh so much. I think she’s so funny, but without even realising that she’s funny. But I do love Nadine – Nadine’s an icon. Like getting Nadine on any reality TV show. Imagine if, like one of us got to do Masterchef with Nadine. That would be my life made. I’d be like, you can send me home now.

Describe each other in three words

Kitty: Professional. Cheryl’s always been the most professional queen I know. Back in the day when we’d be doing our gigs, we’d go around the country up and down everywhere and Cheryl would be the one going and talking to the promoters. Next, hilarious. You’ll say something and you’re like, ‘Oh my God!’ like you don’t mean it, but what you said is actually really funny without realising it. So we’ll laugh at her, not with her, most of the time. Third, kind-hearted. She’s so lovely and she’d give you anything you needed – apart from a wig, if you’re Ophelia Love.

A drag queen sits by a makeup mirror and takes a photo of herself with her iPhone
Drag queen Cheryl Hole (Image: Captured by Corinne)

Cheryl: Joy. Kitty is joy personified. In this world full of darkness and misery and hate at the moment, she just sprinkles that joy that keeps everybody uplifted. Second, talent. I’ve never heard somebody come out with so many incredible ideas just off the back of their hand. Third, fake. It’s not she’s actually fake, but she’ll be so nice to someone then be like, ‘I fucking hated that taxi driver!’ [Kitty: “It’s because I don’t like confrontation, so I’d rather be nice to people!”]

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened in your career?

Cheryl: I was doing a Pride gig at a venue up north and I was in the dressing room/apartment owned by the venue’s owner. He brought this harem of girls into the room while I was changing before the show and they all ignored me, started drinking the drinks, and picked up my wigs and started playing dress-up with them.

Kitty: I was at the same venue another time and it was pretty rough. I was singing ‘2 Become 1’ and getting the audience to sing along. Then I put my hand out and someone in the audience threw a bloody tissue and it landed on my hand. I just walked off – it was disgusting!

Which Ru Girls would you snog/marry/avoid?

Kitty: I’m gonna quote A’Whora, but I would kill Veronica Green because she’s rude, she’s late, and she got sent home early on season three, which at the time was a controversial statement, but now it’s a joke, so it’s fine. I’d marry Vanity Milan. I love Vanity so much – she’s got such a pure heart and I just love her so much. I’d snog RuPaul, because maybe she would have given me the crown.

A drag queen sits at a dressing table looking at herself in the mirror
Drag Race UK star Kitty Scott-Claus (Image: Captured by Corinne)

Cheryl: I’d marry RuPaul because then she’d cook me breakfast like Jimbo! I’d avoid Blu Hydrangea because I know where she’s been – try being on tour with her. And I’d smoochy-smoochy kiss Kitty because I know where those lips have been – and it’s nowhere.

Who’s the nicest queen in the world of Drag Race?

Kitty: I love me some Jujubee – she’s so, so lovely. She’s one of those people where if you’ve got anything you need to talk about, she’s like, ‘Well, let’s talk.’ And Chery – Cheryl’s lovely too.

Cheryl: Charlie Hides. When we were going the first ever Drag Con, she came in and checked in with every single queen. I thought that was really sweet.

Cheryl Hole and Kitty Scott-Claus on their Girls Aloud tribute, Gals Aloud

Cheryl: The show is first and foremost a celebration of Girls Aloud. It’s a pop concert with all the aspects of Girls Aloud brought to life. And it’s a celebration of them as people, their music, and their solo careers. Kitty does a full musical medley with all the numbers that Kimberley’s ever done on the West End. I do all the Cheryl hits. It’s a fun, fun, joyous, two-hour show.

A group of drag queens dressed as Girls Aloud stand in formation
The Gals Aloud troupe, including Cheryl and Kitty (Image: Captured by Corinne)

Kitty: We’re such huge Girls Aloud fans, so it’s the biggest excuse for us to just live our pop star dreams.

Cheryl Hole and Kitty Scott-Claus on the state of Drag Race

Kitty: Drag Race UK, to me, is still fresh, and I’m still obsessed with it. I love it. The drag community here is so small compared to the US, so if 12 queens go missing all at the same time, it’s like, ‘We know what’s happening!’ I’d also love to see different types of drag, including kings.

Cheryl: If I could ask one thing of Drag Race, I’d say let’s condense the cast. We should let the queens shine more, because I feel sorry for some of the queens of season 15 (of Drag Race US) where there were 16 of them. If you’re out early, you don’t get an opportunity to shine.

The podium – Kitty and Cheryl rank the drag of three queens from their seasons


1st – Choriza May

Her runways were always so clever and thought out. There were so many hidden details in all of them.

2nd – Vanity Milan

I loved watching her grow from season 3 to Canada vs The World. She’s so fashion-minded – her husband makes a lot of her stuff and they curate such good looks together.

3rd – Anubis

She has such an interesting style, which we didn’t get to see on our season. Bring Anubis back!


1st – The Vivienne

Everything was glamour personified, and she just exuberated drag excellence. She’s just one step ahead of the game.

2nd – Divina de Campo

She surpassed everyone’s expectations in terms of fashion. She really brought her A-game and it was incredible.

3rd – Crystal

She has such a fashion background. I knew her from the East London scene and to see how she elevated that scene, that style, was incredible. I loved how she made Geri squirm grinding that thing on her pussuana. And props for telling Adventure Island to piss off.

Tickets for Gals Aloud at the Lyric Theatre are available to book now by clicking here.