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Check out the trailer for The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake

By Will Stroude

FOX has released a trailer for its much-anticipated Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, which will premiere on US screens on Thursday October 20 – just in time for Halloween.

The remake has previously sparked controversy over its casting, including a negative backlash to Dr Frank-N-Furter being played by Laverne Cox, the trans actress most well-known from playing Sophia Burset on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black.

Despite the controversy, Laverne has argued that “Hardcore Rocky fans seem to be on board” with her playing the role, which has traditionally been played by a man.

The all-star revamp is also set to include a cameo from the original Dr Frank-N-Furter, Tim Curry.

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In an interview with, director Kenny Ortega (behind Hocus Pocus, the High School Musical Trilogy and Michael Jackson’s This Is It concert series) said the remake will “stick faithfully to the text and the score of the original but greatly reimagine the story visually”.

Well, if The Rocky Horror Picture Show can manage to be a mixture of Hocus Pocus, High School Musical and MJ, we are sure in for a treat at Halloween.

The show also features the hot Ryan McCartan (former Disney Channel actor) and singer-songwriter Adam Lambert, so we have them to look forward to if all else fails.

Watch the trailer below:

Words: Mark Richards

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