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American Horror Story season six theme revealed as show returns to screens *SPOILERS*

By Will Stroude

After months of misdirection, potential title leaks, wilfully-misleading trailers and general mystery surrounding the premise of this year’s season of American Horror Story, episode one has finally aired, giving us a little more detail about what to expect.

Season six of the hit horror show premiered last night, with the title American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare.

The season’s title might be a huge giveaway about the sort of themes that will underpin the episodes to come – although unless you’re familiar with American geography, the name might not mean all that much to you.

Roanoke, for those of you who aren’t geography experts (we had to do a little research too) is a little island off the coast of North Carolina. It was inhabited by the indigenous Roanoke people, which was, like most of the world, colonised by Europeans.

However, in 1590, the first British colony on the island mysteriously vanished.

So what can we expect from American Horror Story’s version of events? Judging by the first episode, we’re in for a true-crime documentary, show-within-a-show-style romp, as real life terror is re-counted by characters and then re-enacted by other stars.

Last night’s season premiere centred on one couple, Shelby (Lily Rabe) and Matt (Andre Holland), who share their tale in an interview, which is then dramatised by Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jnr.

We see the couple move into a haunted house on the island of Roanoke – and, of course, it’s haunted.

We also meet Matt’s sister Lee (played by Angela Bassett, and in re-enactments by Adina Porter) who sees visions as she looks after Shelby.

After the show aired, American Horror Story shared another teaser clip to give us a few more clues about what to expect from the season. Check it out below:

American Horror Story season six premieres in the UK on Friday September 16 at 10pm on Fox.

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