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Aaron Carter’s ex insists split had ‘nothing’ to do with his bisexuality

By Will Stroude

Aaron Carter’s ex-girlfriend has denied accusations of homophobia after the singer claimed that the couple split up because she was unable to cope with the fact he was bisexual.

Madison Parker has insisted Carter’s sexuality had “nothing” to do with the pair’s break-up, which occurred just days before the former teen heartthrob came out publicly in a heartfelt message to fans earlier this month.

Carter, who said that secrecy over his sexuality had been a “weight and burden” since he first realised his attraction to men at the age of 12, told The Bert Show last week that he and Parker had decided to end their relationship after discussing his sexuality.

“I was having some personal issues, some turmoil in my ex-relationship,” he said. “I had discussed it with my ex-girlfriend and she didn’t really understand it, and that was it… We parted ways…”

Parker says the accusations of homophobia which have ensued have been “appalling and hurtful”.

“My split with Aaron has nothing to do with him being bisexual,” she told E! News on Monday (14 August).

“Our parting of ways is something that has been coming for some time and it’s the best thing for us both.

“Some of my closest friends and loved ones are of the LGBTQ community, people I love and support wholeheartedly, so for… anyone to label me ‘homophobic’ is appalling and hurtful and couldn’t be more off character.”

She added: “I’ve been nothing but supportive of Aaron and his career and I’m happy for him that he’s having the courage to live his truth.

“Breaking up is never easy for anyone, but it is my hope that we can move on from this point as peacefully and respectfully as possible. I wish him all the best.”

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