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Cosplayer posts heartwarming video exchange with Andrew Scott

"You'll never know how much you mean to me," James tells Andrew.

By Alastair James

Andrew Scott in HBO's Oslo
Andrew Scott in HBO's Oslo (Photo: Larry D. Horricks/HBO)

A cosplayer has posted a video of them meeting Andrew Scott and their exchange – and it’s so lovely.

James Valentine (he/him), who identifies as transgender, posted the video on his TikTok on Tuesday (6 December). James has also posted videos showing the exchange from another angle.

In the video, James meets Andrew at Wales Comic Con. He explains that he picked his name after starting his transition “because of Moriarty.”

Andrew Scott played the Sherlock villain brilliantly in the Benedict Cumberbatch-led BBC series.

“You’re, like, one of my absolute queer idols. You’ll never know how much you mean to me,” James can be heard telling Andrew. The actor replies, “that means so much to me”.

Asked by Andrew how life is going, James says, “it’s ok, it’s a lot better now.” He shares he started transitioning seven years ago. “Since Sherlock was still on the air,” James adds.

Panning over to his friends behind him, James explains his family isn’t as accepting as his found family. “I’m really lucky to have amazing friends who look after me. People like yourself who I can look up to,” James continues.

The two share a lovely exchange about life and being able to share experiences with others. James then hints at things being difficult due to anti-LGBTQ attacks in some parts of society and the media.

“As they say, the war is never over,” says Andrew. “Just got to keep going. That’s so amazing though. So pleased, I’m so pleased. You look so cool as well. I wish I had your air,” he carries on before admiring how much like Moriarty James looks.

Andrew finishes the encounter by saying, “I hope we meet again. And happy Christmas. Say hi to your family, both found and blood.”

People in the comments are as delighted as we are at the exchange. “He seems so genuinely interested. What a sweetie!,” wrote one account. Another said: “If every man was like Andrew Scott, I’m convinced we would have no problems in this world”.

Someone else typed: “What a man”

Andrew Scott will star opposite Normal People star Paul Mescal in the adaptation of Strangers by the Japanese novelist Taichi Yamada.