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14 not entirely SFW images of gorgeous guys from BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! volume 7

Plus three of our favourites from past editions!

By Jamie Tabberer

Left to right, a topless man covered in red glitter, two men kissing, and a man looking down
BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! Volume 7 is out now (Images: /Isa © Mariano Vivanco/Papillonner © Lin Jaihang/

Fine art photography magazine BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! has dropped its seventh edition.

Curated by Ghislain Pascal, the title spotlights the best in queer and gay photography, with $1 from the sale of each magazine going to charities supporting the LGBTQ+ community and fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Three of our favourite images from BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! volume 7

Volume seven features 10 photographers: Jack Cuts from the UK, Ivan Donadio and Marco Gualdoni from Italy, Lin Jaihang from Taiwan, Esa Kapila from Finland, Lucas Murnaghan from Canada, Mariano Vivanco from Peru, Tyler Udall from Canada, Lucas Ulmer from Germany, and Konstantin Zhukov from Latvia.

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! is a platform from The Little Black Gallery that includes exhibitions, books, the bi-annual magazine, zines, photography courses, portfolio reviews, and online art platform.

Some our favourite photos from previous BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! editions

The issue also includes a feature and interview by Gustavo Forcada with acclaimed Peruvian fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco.

Volume seven is dedicated to the memory of Lucas Murnaghan who sadly died of cancer in 2021 at only 45.

Said Pascal: “Lucas joined BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! at the beginning in 2018 and the response to his work was phenomenal. Not only was Lucas a brilliant photographer but a much admired and loved orthopaedic surgeon at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. The last couple of years have been very hard for his longtime partner Antonio Lennert. Antonio is now ready to continue Lucas’s legacy and share his work as one of the great underwater photographers.”

Below are some of Attitude’s favourite images from the volume seven, kindly shared by Pascal.

Untitled © Mariano Vivanco
Jannes, from Sparks series © Lucas Ulmer
Fall From Grace © Lucas Murnaghan
National Museum, Helsinki © Esa Kakapila
Ortesia © Ivan Donadio
Zsa Zsa Zsu © Lin Jaihang
Still Life With Dried Flowers © Marco Gualdoni
Papillonner series © Lin Jaihang
Carved From The Same Stone © Lucas Murnaghan
Isa © Mariano Vivanco
Toran , from Spark series © Lucas Ulmer

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