Mika: I will never forgive the media for trying to out me

The 'Ice Cream' singer recalls a 'disturbing' article which asked gay artists to comment on him following his debut.


Words: Thomas Stichbury

Mika has spoken up against the media for attempting to “out” him during the early days of his pop career.

In an exclusive interview in the Attitude Awards issue, out now to download an to order globally, the 'Ice Cream' singer slams certain outlets for aggressively pressuring him to come out.

"I was bombarded and there were so many opinions. I remember there was an article [in a magazine], that asked other openly gay artists to comment on me,” the 36-year-old Attitude Music Award winner recalls.

Mika, shot by Darren Black exclusively for the Attitude Awards issue

"I will never be OK with what they did… Why does it have to be [something] commented on by other artists, especially artists I admire?

"I found it really disturbing,” he says.

Mika, who first burst onto the scene in 2007 with the chart-topping 'Grace Kelly', reveals he waited until 2012 to publicly come out as gay so that his family could process the news first.

Having such a close personal and working relationship with many of my family, it took quite a while to sort all that out," he explains.

"My mum said, ‘So what? I’ve always known,’” he continues. “We’re the most traditional and untraditional family – I’m certainly not the only one with a non-conventional sexuality in my family, but all that has come afterwards.”

The 'Happy Ending' singer, who has been with his documentary-maker boyfriend for 13 years, believes being queer is much more accepted in the music business now.

"It’s less of a thing,” he assures. “It is still complicated, but I think it’s definitely more joyful.

"The way people approach sexuality is more joyful."

Read the full interview with Mika in the Attitude Awards issue, out now.

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