Drag Race UK's Blu Hydrangea says Jimbo told her to eliminate Pangina after his exit

Exclusive: Blu spills the tea on Jimbo's revenge as she joins Attitude and Tia Kofi for Tea Time in association with Taimi.


Words: Will Stroude; Images: BBC Pictures

Drag Race UK vs The World star Blu Hydrangea has sensationally revealed that Jimbo told her to eliminate Pangina in a 'shady' off-camera moment following the Canadian queen's exit.

Speaking to Attitude and Tia Kofi on Tea Time in association with Taimi, Blu recalls how Jimbo encouraged her to send series frontrunner Pangina packing after the Thai performer controversially sent him home the week before.  

"I think one of the shadiest things that happened on set was that Jimbo, who had just been sent home, was in their hotel room and I was leaving to film the Snatch Game episode that morning, and Jimbo went out to collect their Shredded Wheat cereal from outside the door and saw me and went, 'If you win, send Pangina home'," recalls Blu.

"That was the shadiest thing that happened."

The Belfast queen and series finalist continues: "And you know what? I thought was never going to happen. And then that's exactly what happened.

"So that's the curse of Jimbo."

Asked whether's she the 'villain of the season', Blu admits that she did provide on of the most shocking eliminations in Drag Race history; on a par with Naomi Smalls sending series favourite Manila Luzon home on All Stars 4.

"I truly, I think that is the face crack, because people up until this point I've been talking about being Manila-ed, and that whole thing," says Blu.

BBC Pictures

"I think it's now being Pangina-ed or someone said being Hydrangea-ed, which I quite like even more. I think I might put that on a t-shirt."

She adds: "I said to Pangina, 'I'm tempted by your lipstick', and then you know what? Temptation got the best me."

Pangina previously revealed as the series aired that she'd received racist abuse and even death threats after sending Candian queens Lemon and Jimbo home.

Asked whether she received any hate for sending Pangina home, Blu replies: "You know, being a white, skinny, twinky queen, I have not been subjected to hate online from Drag Race fans - definitely not to the amount that people of colour get just for being on Drag Race. So I've been quite lucky and I definitely felt that in that moment.

"I really saw how toxic some of the fans can be, and they make it not an enjoyable experience because Drag Race is just supposed to be so fun that whenever you're caught up in this whirlwind of hate it's all you see."

She adds: "The main thing that I realised is that this is my first time receiving this kind of hate, but there's queens who have been receiving this for years and years just because of the colour of their skin and because they're on a TV show like that."

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