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Luke Evans launches fashion brand BDXY with glitzy party in Ibiza alongside Yasmin Finney, Russell Tovey and more

Exclusive: The 12-piece collection has a focus on comfort and sustainability and will be available in limited batches

By Cliff Joannou

Composite of Luke Evans and a collection of swimwear
Luke Evans has launched his BDXY range (Image: Marc de Groot)

Four months since Welsh actor and Hollywood star Luke Evans announced the arrival of his clothing brand BDXY, created in partnership with fashion stylist Christopher Brown and Luke’s architect/engineer partner Fran Tomas, the trio gathered to officially launch the brand with spectacular style in Ibiza on Wednesday 8 May.

Present were Heartstopper star Yasmin Finney, Russell Tovey, DJ Fat Tony and other notable gliterrati such as Kyle De’Volle and DJ Mark Ashley Dupe, along with Ibiza’s elite, interior designers and club legends from the infamous island.

The BDXY collection will be available in limited runs (Image: Marc de Groot)

BDXY founders Luke, Christopher and Fran each bring their own keen eye to the new brand – be that in the aesthetic and design of the range, logo/branding or the considered construction of each garment. Their initial vision was inspired by style icons like John F. Kennedy Jr, 1970s Steve McQueen and the ‘80s cool of Harrison Ford, as well as the influence that Ibiza itself – where Luke has a home – brought to the mood board through which the trio has formed the brand’s identity.

“We have created the perfect t-shirt” – BDXY founder Luke Evans

During the opening ‘in conversation’ talk, Luke explained the emphasis they have put into perfecting the fit of each item, with Luke cutting up three of his favourite T-shirts to bring the best of each into what would become the staple BDXY fit. “We have created the perfect T-shirt,” he says proudly to the crowd gathered on the rooftop of the Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, in which the brand has an exclusive pop-up store.

Equal consideration has been paid into the materials used that are chosen for comfort but also for being sustainably sourced, as well as the family-run factories in which they are produced and the desire to not flood the market. Indeed, only 200 of each item has been manufactured!

A 12-piece collection of classics includes a tee, vest, underwear, swimwear, shorts, a towel and a tote bag. Luke also revealed that while the initial collection has launched with undergarments or clothes worn close to the body, their next release will build on these pieces with outerwear built on the same principles of quality materials, design excellence and a perfect fit.

BDXY also launches The Salinas Candle

It would be remiss not to highlight the BDXY candle that Luke says was inspired by working away from home for long periods. “Anyone who knows me knows I love a scented candle. When I’m away from home for months at a time for work, I take candles with me that remind of home. That’s what I wanted to create with The Salinas Candle, to bring Ibiza to me wherever I travel,” he told Attitude. It does the job too: top notes of Olibanum and Geranium revive the mood and aesthetic of the southern part of the White Isle.

As platters of sushi were dished out and the gin and tonics flowed, the celebration continued until a suitably Ibiza-late hour.

BDXY is available online at with a pop-up store at the Nobu Ibiza Bay Hotel.