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NoHun ‘transphobia’ controversy explained: Influencer’s remarks in full after targeting Bailey J Mills’ pregnant boyfriend 

NoHun commented on a series of Mills’ boyfriend posts, saying: “Men can’t get pregnant.”

By Charlotte Manning

NoHun has been called out for his 'transphobic' comments online

Influencer NoHun has been called out for “transphobic” comments towards the boyfriend of fellow content creator and drag artist Bailey J Mills.

Influencer NoHun, whose real name is Raurie Williams, reportedly sent a series of messages to Mills’ boyfriend – a trans man – who is currently expecting a child. 

Mills and their boyfriend have been documenting the pregnancy via social media, with fans sharing their support in droves. 

But NoHun, a TikTokker with 570,000 followers, claimed “men can’t get pregnant” through several attacking comments left below posts on Mills’ partner’s account. 

In a TikTok video, Mills said in response: “I was out last night and I got a message from my boyfriend. He was being harassed by NoHun, commenting on all his posts saying ‘Men can’t get pregnant’.

“As some of you may or may not know, me and my partner are having a baby. My partner is trans. I used to think he was really hilarious but a lot of his videos started to become very bullying and he’s meant to be a comedian.”

Who is NoHun?

NoHun is a social media influencer who regularly posts to TikTok and Instagram with nearly a million combined followers. 

The Birmingham-based content creator, comedian and musician is known for his large social media presence and occasional rap music.

You may also remember him for being involved in some Little Mix-related controversy back in 2021. 

He leaked DMs which were allegedly sent to him by Leigh-Anne Pinnock, accusing former bandmate Jesy Nelson of “black fishing”.

Days later, Nelson was involved in a memorable Instagram Live with Nicki Minaj where she addressed the drama and said she wanted to “celebrate” hip hop culture. The messages supposedly from Pinnock were never verified. 

Bailey J Mills on Instagram
NoHun_ said the above on posts from Bailey J Mills’ boyfriend (Image: Instagram/BaileyJMills99)

What has NoHun said about Mills and their boyfriend? 

NoHun commented on a series of Mills’ boyfriend’s posts, saying: “Men can’t get pregnant.”

Mills has since shared screenshots displaying these comments, asking for their fans to report him. 

They said on Instagram: “Hey I am asking for your help if you support me. This account has commented on every single one of my boyfriends posts giving him hate [sic].

“Please can people speak out and report this horrible man. Thankyou also he’s supporting transphobia please report x.”

Their followers, including the likes of The X Factor’s Marcus Collins and Drag Race UK’s Cheryl Hole, reported his profile. 

Who else has NoHun addressed in his social media content?

NoHun has recently attacked others from the community on Instagram videos including Sam Smith’s Gloria tour performances. 

In another clip, he targets transgender TikTokker Dylan Mulvaney for modelling a sports bra for Nike. 

He is seen filming himself in Primark’s lingerie section trying on bras, while misgendering Mulvaney on multiple occasions. 


Because men can wear bras now too

♬ original sound – NOHUN

The Instagrammer has now changed his bio to read: “I identify as a pregnant man. My pronouns are fat/clout/chaser.”

NoHun has doubled down on his comments on another video. He said: “Men cannot get pregnant … 

“We live in a world now where it’s basically illegal to have an opinion, even if that opinion is based on a scientific fact.”

What has the response been?

NoHun revealed last night he has postponed an upcoming tour he was due to announce on Wednesday (April 19).

He claims this is due to the fact people have been in touch with venues, with some now cancelling his shows. 

It comes amid a time where transgender rights are being threatened. The Equality and Human Rights Commission has recently suggested redefining ‘sex’ as ‘biological sex’. 

This would exclude trans people from single-sex spaces, support groups, and more. It is a suggestion at this point.

Last year, it was reported there were 4,355 reports made of crimes against transgender people.

This is up 56% from the previous year, according to a Home Office report.

They say the rise in trans crimes comes while “transgender issues have been heavily discussed on social media over the last year.”

NoHun’s comment to Attitude: 

When asked for a comment, NoHun told Attitude: “A minority group of extremist trans terrorists have hijacked the LGBT movement to prop up their harmful and delusional ideologies. 

“I am glad that I am in a position to highlight that these mentally ill people live amongst us, want access to women’s spaces and to be left unattended around children. They do not represent the gay community and they are not a positive representation of the trans community. 

“They are a small minority for which support is dwindling every day. People are becoming less and less afraid to speak out and having gay men such as myself as a voice in this movement towards them will only make this movement grow. They only have the loudest voice because they are bullying people into not speaking out about them in fear of the consequences. 

“Like what has happened to me for instance with my tour being cancelled. In regards to celebrities such a Sam Smith and Dylan, they are nothing more than media puppets being used to push a sexual and confusing agenda into the mainstream and onto people’s children. 

“Neither of them are a representation of the ‘community’ but they are being given the loudest voice by the media. The transgender community have their own flag so why are they so keen to hide behind our rainbow flag too.

“I fully support the LGB community separating from the T because one aspect is a sexual orientation and the other is a gender identity. They are not the same thing. On a final note, men can’t get pregnant and anybody who believes otherwise needs locking up.”

Attitude’s comment, from Editor In Chief, Cliff Joannou:

NoHun’s statement is ill-informed and blind to the long history of LGBTQ+ equality. His actions online mark him out as nothing but a bully, while his harassment on social media of people living their authentic lives is a sad indicator of an individual that is clearly uncomfortable with himself: as most bullies and homo/trans/bi-phobes are. 

His internalised hatred will no doubt incite violence on a vulnerable minority – 0.5% of the population who say their gender identity and sex registered at birth were different. Actions like NoHun’s have led to trans and non-binary people being disproportionately targeted by hate and violence – both online and in real life. His feeble grasp of ‘science’ also conveniently overlooks the intersex community, which still experiences physical violence through surgery during childhood.

It’s not enough to only fight for equality in terms of sexual identity. As with racism, sexism, ageism, body fascism or other intolerant views, none of us are free until we are all free. NoHun: using the privilege of your platform and the safe space of your living room and camera phone to spread hate is tired and shameful.

The fact is, trans and gender non-conforming people have been part of the fight for gender and sexual freedom as long – if not longer – than gay men and women have been fighting for equality. NoHun needs to put his phone down and educate himself: LGBTQ+ battles over the years have not been solely about gay liberation – they have been about liberating us all from the idea that the world exists in binaries that were forced on people through colonisation. 

Historically – from Asia to Africa, through Europe and the Americas – humanity has been fluid and free. Sexually diverse and gender non-confirming people were once celebrated and have always been at the forefront of the fight for equality and a desire to live in a world free from judgement and oppression.

In the same way that immigrants on boats are being used as a way to divert attention from the failures of the government, trans and non-binary people have been politicised as a distraction from the very real problems society faces: the cost of living crisis; a collapsing NHS; corruption in Whitehall; and increasing inequality between the extremely wealthy and those struggling to pay their bills. Attitude stands with our trans and non-binary family. 

So, NoHun: go enjoy your allyship with JK Rowling, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. What a sad little life, Jane.