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Stormy Daniels on prospect of 2nd Trump term: ‘If no one better steps up, fine – I’ll do it!’

EXCLUSIVE: "I would’ve liked to say it’s not possible..." The porn star-turned-TV presenter talks about her new gay dating show For the Love of DILF's and why she relates to Meghan Markle

By Jamie Tabberer

Stormy Daniels (image: Barrett Blade)

Porn star, freedom fighter and now-TV presenter of gay dating show For the Love of DILFs, Stormy Daniels became a superhero of the left in 2018 for her role in US President Donald Trump’s fall from power.

(Google it: the details are too complex to get into here, and the repercussions are still being felt five years later.)

There’s no real test for such fabulousness – but with our regular She’s Got Attitude quiz format, we tried. Stormy was game, and then some!

Hi Stormy! Give us the For the Love of DILFs elevator pitch…

Lots of hot, scantily-clad men in sequins and oil, fighting over each other and money. Hosted by the biggest porn star/pain-in-the-ass in the world!
Works for us!

Do you have a dream DILF?

I do, and guess what – I just married him! [Stormy’s husband is fellow porn star Barrett Blade.] He’s 50.
Ours was 78-year-old Sam Elliott, until he slagged off The Power of the Dog

(Image: Barrett Blade)

The show looks at daddies and himbos, but do you know the following LGBTQ tribes: a) twinks b) otters c) bear chasers

A twink is younger, thinner. I know what a bear is – a more rotund, furry guy – so I guess a chaser would be someone who’s into that. Is an otter a hairy, thin guy? Then a silver fox is the same thing, but salt and pepper…
Why ARE all these words related to furry mammals?!

What tribe would you fall into if you were a gay man?

Probably a DILF, as I am a parent. And I’m over the age of 35, and responsible.
Is 35 the entry point to DILF-dom?!

What reality TV shows do you binge?

I binge-watched the docu-series Harry & Meghan in one sitting two weeks ago – does that count? I didn’t really follow that stuff, other than seeing their faces on tabloids, which I don’t [read]. It wasn’t until I watched that it struck a chord. A lot of it I personally identified with. The way things were spun, how she felt picked on, all of that. I’m a little jealous that her man fought for her and gave up everything… That’s love! You have to admit, whether you’re fans or not, that’s romantic.
The Royal Family: the reality show we all love to binge.

What’s your advice be to someone looking to explore their bisexuality?

Follow your heart. Live your best life. You only have so much time. You don’t want to die with any regrets.
Bi Pride!

What’s your advice to someone thinking of going into porn?

The same, but beware repercussions. There’s normally backlash. That’s a lesson from the show: be willing to have open, honest conversations about pleasure, consent and boundaries. I wish sex and sex education was more openly spoke about. I know it is more in Europe. It’s so puritan here. It would alleviate so many problems.
Perfect advice.

(Image: Barrett Blade)

You’re from Louisiana, one state over from Florida, which has introduced the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill in schools. What’s your take on rising levels of anti-LGBTQ prejudice in a post-Trump America?

We seem to be taking so many steps backward. I have a 12-year-old who has questions about these things. Luckily, she doesn’t go to school in Florida, and was mostly home-schooled through all of this. I see the biggest difference between her and her friends. She’s willing to come to me to ask questions. About her body, about things girls go through during puberty. We’ve always talked about things age-appropriately, but at the same time, never lied to her. She’s telling me now, her friends at school don’t know anything, and she says: ‘Just ask your mom.’ They go: ‘Oh my god, I could never!’ The more you don’t talk about things, the more curious people are going to seek it out. Probably from the wrong sources.

What would you say to Ron DeSantis, Florida governor, given the chance?

That he made a critical mistake, for the reasons I just said. Now people are going to have to do things illegally, and our legal system is already overwhelmed. It goes back to people who are anti-abortion, for instance. What’s the best way to not have abortions? To teach about prevention. Sex education. So a big part of those conversations about ‘saying gay’ is about protection, and safe sex. Take these things away, and you’re going to see a rise in STDs and violence. He’s made a horrible, horrible mistake. He’s alienating people and driving things underground. And you’re not going to stop people having sex or loving who they want. Also, mind your own fucking business!
She literally could be a politician!

(Image: Froot.TV)

Have you ever met a Stormy Daniels drag queen?

Yes, several years ago in New Orleans. They beat me in a lookalike contest!
Get that Stormy queen on Snatch Game!

Is there pressure that comes with being an unexpected spokesperson against – what’s the word we’re looking for…

Tyranny? It happened so quickly and was very unexpected. There was so much pressure because I was still doing strip clubs. My [audiences] went from white, middle-aged men to packed to the gills, a line around the corner. It was full of women, people of every ethnicity, and so many gay men in a straight strip club! I’d be doing my show and they’d be coming up to tip me. Crying and saying: ‘You have to save the world!’ Save the world with my titties out?!

Who is Stormy Daniels’ favourite Spice Girl?

Posh because she’s seen David Beckham nekkid, duh!
We’ll love VB forever. But after Qatar, we’re no longer interested in DB naked.

Finally, Stormy, what do you have to say on the prospect of another Trump presidency?

Nothing nice. I would’ve liked to say it’s not possible. [But] it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. I’m not going to sit here and say, like other people did: ‘I’m going to leave the country!’ No. I’m not going to do that. This is my home. All I can say is, it’s terrifying. I hope somebody better steps up to the plate. Otherwise, fine, I’ll do it!
A storm is brewing!

For The Love Of DILFS premieres 31 January on Froot.TV.