Young wrestler claims his freedom of speech was taken away after scholarship was revoked after homophobic rant

Bronson Harmon had his scholarship to California Polytechnic State University revoked


A young wrestler who was filmed shouting homophobic and racist abuse has had his scholarship rescinded but he claims his “freedom of speech” was taken away.

Bronson Harmon, 18, was handed a scholarship by the California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) to join their wrestling team class of 2023, however, the young hopeful has now lost his chance at joining the prestigious university.

While holding a pro-Trump sign, Harmon was filmed making obscene gestures and shouting “fuck off, f****t!” during a protest against the decision to separate migrant children from their parents at the border.

Abdul Lasaing, who filmed and posted the video, said: “I heard a group of men shouting and trying to scare us by saying #sendthemback and even yelled at someone ‘n****r’.

“I was so choked so I automatically pulled out my phone to record and see who was being so disrespectful.”

The footage – which was shot on June 30 – has been viewed more than 30,000 times and one of the viewers recognised Harmon and urged Cal Poly to take away his scholarship.

It was when Harmon’s coach Jon Sioredas saw the video that Harmon’s chances at the wrestling scholarship were rescinded, according to The Tribune.

However, Harmon has since apologised about his comments but said: “Saying what I said is definitely not the right thing.

“I am supposed to be there to help the community and be the best person I can be and represent the college the best way I can.

“I still feel like my freedom of speech was taken away, and I don’t think my scholarship should have been revoked over something like that.”