You'll soon be able to watch Nick Jonas play gay on UK TV

US martial arts drama Kingdom - renowned round these parts for being the show in which Nick Jonas plays a brooding, closeted gay boxer - is coming to the UK, exclusively to Virgin Media. The series, which centers around a mixed martial arts gym in Venice, California, features Nick as Nate Kulina, one of the gym owner's two sons. Nate is an upcoming fighter who is put on the back bench after an attack. Luckily for us, the shy and quiet boxer is also secretly gay or bisexual, as evidenced by this famous scene of intimacy. tumblr_ngfutmfI3d1tlvx6ho3_500 The first six episodes of the show will be available to Virgin Media TV users on demand from April 1, with a new episode per week following after. It's enough to make us want to cuddle someone. In a #masc4masc way of course... tumblr_nedeo7ixkx1rjn473o1_500 The show recently finished its second season, and has been commissioned for a third. More stories Nick Jonas works out shirtless in Scream Queens Nick Jonas has 'nothing to prove' when it comes to his sexuality