You'll never guess how many people in Parliament access Grindr every month

They're supposed to be busy sorting out the country, but it looks as if those in charge have got other things on their mind. A Freedom of Information request has revealed that, on average, Grindr is accessed more than 250,000 times a month at the Houses of Parliament. In December of last year, more than 1,000 requests were made to log into Tinder, which doesn't seem like much at all. But, according to NewNowNext, during the same time period, more than 272,000 hits were made on Grindr. In response to the data, the House of Commons Information Rights and Information Security Service released a statement explaining the figures. A spokesman said: "The information covers both houses and all users of the parliamentary network, e.g. MPs, members of the House of Lords, their staff, staff of the House Administrations and non-parliamentary network users participating in parliamentary business." He added: “All adult websites are blocked on parliament’s computer network. The vast majority of ‘attempts’ to access them are not deliberate. The data shows ‘requests’ to access websites, not visits to them. Pop-up adverts make up a significant number of these ‘attempts’, which the computer-user would not even have been aware of.” “There are 8,500 computers on the parliamentary network, which are used by MPs, peers, their staff and staff of both houses. This data also covers personal devices used when logged on to parliament’s guest Wi-Fi.” The news comes after the app hit a stumbling block after it launched its new emojis. The new range of emoticons, which have been introduced on the latest update of the popular gay dating app, go from really rather cute to definitely rather sexual. However, just days after the update, the app has removed the T emoji after users voiced concerns that it stood for crystal meth. Attitude has reached out to Grindr to confirm the figures. More stories: Disney’s most memorable coded gay characters Grindr releases its own range of emojis