You need to see the incredible pole-dancing winner of Belgium's Got Talent

Unless it's Eurovision, we have to admit that we're not the greatest when it comes to keeping up with European television spectacles. But be assured that is going to change now we've laid eyes on the winner of Belgium's Got Talent 2015. 22-year-old Italian acrobat Domenico Vaccaro romped to victory on last year's series, showcasing his incredible gymnastic talent and upper body strength - and while we've only just come across his winning routine, it's certainly going to stay with us for a while. Domenico1 Performing in just his white briefs during the grand final of last year's series, Vaccaro delivers a stunning performance as effortlessly whirls around a pole fixed to the centre of the stage - whether you do or don't use it as inspiration for your next gym workout is obviously a matter of choice “This is the first time in my life I’m going to compliment a man in his underpants”, judge Ray Cokes tells Domenico following the performance. “But there’s a first time for everything. This is world class. Domenico, fantastico!” Watch the performance - before checking out a a few selected highlights - below: Domenico8 talent Domenico6 talent 3 talent 5 More stories: What’s life really like for a male go-go dancer? Victoria Beckham reportedly agrees to new Spice Girls reunion – but there’s a catch