Years & Years unveil the glittering, gay video for 'If You're Over Me' - WATCH

We'd rather be under you Olly, tbh.


Years & Years' second album campaign is quickly gaining momentum with the release of their very glittery, very gay video for bew single 'If You're Over Me'.

The visual for the infectious break-up bop takes us back to the dystopian android society of 'Palo Santo', where one of few remaining humans, the group's Olly Alexander, is forced to put on performances in an attempt to make the city's robot citizens feel emotions.

Keep up so far?

Luckily for Olly - and for us - his dance partner happens to be an equally as dishy slice of man, and once you've thrown in some stolen glances, sparkly unitards and some acrobatic lifts, you've got one of our favourite videos of the year so far.

Sharing a clip on Instagram, 27-year-old Olly described the video as "a Twin Peaks meets Showgirls Robot Fantasy Cabaret".

The 'King' singer continued: "This is the proudest I've ever been of something :) I actually can't believe we got away with it hehehehee this is For all those binches who want me to be less gay [sic]."

'If You're Over Me' is the second cut to be lifted form Years & Years' forthcoming second studio album, Palo Santo, which is set for release on July 6.

Check out the video below: