'Years and Years': Watch the first trailer for Russell T Davies' new BBC drama

Russell Tovey and Emma Thompson lead the cast of the 'Queer as Folk' creator's future-set series.


The first trailer for Russell T Davies' brand new BBC drama is finally here - and drama certainly looks like the key word.

The Queer as Folk creator's ambitious new project follows one Manchester family 15 years into the future as Britain deals with political, economic and technological upheaval - and with Looking's Russel Tovey and Oscar winner Emma Thompson leading the starry cast list, it looks like it's going to be one not to miss.

Tovey will play Daniel Lyons, a hard-working housing officer who in the new trailer can be seen tying the knot with his partner, played Dino Fetscher - who you might remember appeared in Davies' LGBT-themed series Banana and Cucumber in 2015.

Meanwhile, Thompson plays Vivienne Rook, an outspoken and controversial celebrity figure whose divisive rhetoric sees her win a huge political following. Where have we heard that before...

Set to air later this year on BBC One, Years & Years will start during one crucial night in 2019, before charting the Lyons' future lives over course of six episodes.

“What sort of world are we in, because if it’s this bad now, what’s it going to be like for you in 30 years’ time?" Tovey's character Daniel asks as he cradles a newborn baby in the trailer.

"Ten years, five years – what’s it going to be like?"

Guess we're about to find out - for better or for worse...