'Will & Grace' props added to US museum's LGBT collection

n-WILL-AND-GRACE-large570Props from Will & Grace are being added to a US museum's LGBT History exhibit. The Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington DC has begun to document the history of LGBT community in the US, and has announced that a large number of photographs and historical objects are to be added to its collection - including items taken from the set of Will & Grace. Show creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick are donating the objects to the museum, which include scripts, casting ideas, and memorabilia surrounding the sitcom. NBC have also agreed to donate props from the set, including Karen's pill bottle and flask and a sign from Grace Adler Interior Design. "These particular guests that were invited into people’s living rooms happened to be your gay friends," said Kohan. "I don’t think people really had the opportunity to have that before, and it served to, I think, make people recognize that your close friends were gay." He added: "The fact that it’s in the American history museum, maybe we were a part of something that was bigger than we ever imagined." GeordWill Other items, including the tennis racket of the first ever professional trans tennis player, Renee Richards, are also being added the museum's collection, according to AP. The hit US sitcom about a gay man, Will, and his straight female best friend, Grace, ran for 184 episodes between 1998 and 2006 on US network NBC. In the UK, Will & Grace aired on Channel 4 throughout its eight-season run. Meanwhile, Will & Grace star Sean Hayes, who played the much-loved Jack, has joined the cast of The Millers - find out more here. Related news: Lohan, Fey reunite for ‘Mean Girls’ 10-year reunion – picture