Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink! ClarinsMen help to keep your skin moisturised this summer

ClarinsMen's Super Moisture Collection: enriched with plant extracts to hydrate naturally



An incredible 70 per cent of an adult male’s body is water.

Keeping it that way is a challenge – you lose a litre of water a day through perspiration, even at rest.

Which makes a big difference: for every two per cent of water lost, physical capability reduces by 20 per cent. Just imagine the effect on your skin.

Cue the all-new ClarinsMen Super Moisture Collection. A suite of three fabulous products, all of them enriched in plant extracts, using hydro-resistant organic leek to protect against extreme conditions and intensely hydrate.

Super Moisture Balm is a non-oily formula that provides comfort to dry skin, Super Moisture Gel is a refreshing formula that’s perfect for oily to combination skin.

And – Attitude’s own favourite – new Super Moisture Lotion SPF20 is lightweight and moisturising while catering for the increased demand for sun protection for men. These are your friends with benefits!

Watch the video below to find out about ClarinsMen's three new hydration champions that intensely moisturise and strengthen men’s skin:

ClarinsMen are also offering Attitude readers 10 per cent off their products for a limited time only by using the code ATTITUDE3.

ClarinsMen Super Moisture Lotion SPF 20, 50ml, £30

Lightweight and moisturising, non-greasy, caters to the increasing demand for sun protection for men

ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm, 50ml, £30

Enriched in plant extracts to intensely hydrate, an all-new non-oily balm to provide comfort for dry skin

ClarinsMen Super Moisture Gel, 50ml, £30

A refreshing formula, with an Energizing Complex to energize and soothe, perfect for oily to combination skin