Watch YouTuber Rachel Whitehurst on the reasons we should say #ByeBiphobia

A young American woman is using YouTube to prompt a conversation around bisexuality, and the ways in which biphobic stigma can be combated. Created by 23-year-old YouTuber Rachel Whitehurst, the campaign has seen a series of four videos published to date. “As an out bisexual woman, my sexuality is constantly being questioned by other people,” she says. “You don't have to be bisexual to have your sexuality questioned by other people, but I believe that bisexuals get the most invalidation from other people about their sexuality because there are still people out there who don't believe that it's something that even exists.” Viewed almost 40,000 times, the video has attracted a wave of positive support for its message. “Really thank you for this, It’s so sad that people assume that if you're bisexual it's just a phase, or you're just pretending until you can finally be out as gay, or that you just wanna hang anything that walks,” says one viewer “Thank you so much for making this video Rachel, I look up to you and this just made me so happy!! I'm bisexual myself and I’ve never dated anybody, and I hate when people relate sexuality to dating... because I know who I am despite not having dated anybody.” writes another. Last year, a survey by the Equality Network found almost a third of respondents were reluctant to reveal to their doctor their bisexuality, while almost four in ten (38%) of bisexual people had faced some kind of discrimination. You can watch the video in the series below: