Watch: Trans man took a selfie every day for three years during transition

A trans man has documented the incredible physical change he underwent during his transition by taking a photo of himself every day for three years - and the result is remarkable. In a time lapse video documenting his journey, Jamie Raines' transition after starting hormone treatment aged 18 can be witnessed in just 20 seconds. trans Jamie, now 21, told Buzzfeed: “I wanted something for me to document my transition. I thought I’d take a photo every day so when I strung it all together you could see the changes. Within the first six months you didn’t see that much but as time went on it became more and more rewarding.” The video is set to appear in Channel 4 documentary Girls to Men, which airs next Tuesday (October 13) at 10pm as part of the channel's 'Born in the Wrong Body' series, directed by Nicholas Sweeney. Watch Jamie's fascinating transition below: More stories: ANTM's deaf contestant Nyle comes out as 'sexually fluid' Justin Bieber full-frontal photos leak, internet explodes