Watch | Tom Daley’s just released his next video health and fitness video

Olympic diver Tom Daley has published the latest instalment in his online health and fitness series, and this week he shares his best tips for getting a good night of shut eye. “Are you an early riser? Or are you a snoozer? Or are you an ‘I’m not getting up before noon kind of person?” asks the 21-year-old. “Getting the right amount of sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle. It will benefit your heart, your mind, your weight, and much more”. Giving insights into his self-described “fitness hacks”, Daley’s earlier clips take a look at the benefits of swapping a calorie-rich cappuccino or latte for black coffee, and the benefits of downing some lemon juice in water first thing in the morning. TD2 A good night sleep with Tom Daley would be a good night indeed. You can watch the latest video below: