Watch Tom Daley and Emma Bunton go undercover for Red Nose Day

Ever fancied getting frisked by Tom Daley? Well for some holiday-goers, that turned out to be the case. The diver teamed up with Emma Bunton for Red Nose Day, and went undercover as members of  British Airways staff. In two new clips, the stars help check in customers for their flight without managing to get recognised. Well, almost. One passenger told Tom that he looked like Tom Daley, but the diver managed to remain undercover and keep a straight face. He also told a hunky male passenger that he would "look good" in a mankini. What a flirt. Sadly for Emma, even when she sung a couple of the Spice Girls' biggest hits, passengers failed to recognise it was Baby Spice in the flesh. Clearly none of them were gay, because we'd have clocked instantly and had a minor breakdown. Watch the full skit when Comic Relief airs tonight on the BBC.