Watch | Tina Fey and Tituss Burgess rip each other in amazing duet

Tina Fey has joined Tituss Burgess for an amazing duet at MCC Theater’s annual Miscast Gala, where stars perform a variety of musical theatre songs. The pair sang 'You're Nothing Without Me' from the musical City of Angels. In the show, it is sung from a writer to his own creation, which strikes at the real life relationship between Tina and Tituss. Tina is the creator of Netflix hit Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, in which Tituss stars as Titus Andromedon. He also starred alongside her in her other big hit show, 30 Rock. The pair throw jibes at each other through song, including Tina mocking Tituss for releasing his own brand of Pinot Noir, to cash in on the song he sang about the wine in Kimmy Schmidt. Admittedly, we felt a little like Mariah when we first saw Tina singing. tumblr_mgbiaper2v1ql5yr7o2_250 But then we realised she was just as good at this as she is at everything else. It's also raised our hopes infinitely for her to actually appear in the Mean Girls musical. Enjoy the full video below: More stories Watch the first trailer for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 Tina Fey and Paula Pell talk Sisters with Attitude