Watch: The annoying questions you shouldn't ask a trans person

A new BBC Free Speech video about the awkward questions trans people get asked has gone viral online. It’s had nearly 4 million views on Facebook over the past week and is now available on YouTube too. Who stars in this sassy sensation? Why, none other than our very own Paris Lees, Attitude’s Editor at Large. She’s joined by several other trans people who, frankly, are sick and tired of your stupid questions – including freaking hot filmmaker Fox Fisher and glamorous club hostess Munroe Bergdorf. paris The “gloriously wonderfully brilliant” video has been a hit with celebrities on Twitter, too, receiving love from the likes of David Walliams, Caitlin Moran and Dr Christian Jessen. Lorraine Kelly, who was named Celebrity Straight Ally of the Year at last month’s LGBT Awards, also praised the clip. The common questions range from “Have you had the op?” to “Can I feel your tits?” We’ll let these bold and brassy trans people let you know just what they think about enquiries of that nature: Check out some of the best celebrity reactions to the video here.