Watch | Powerful video for moving LGBT single 'Amy's Song' featuring 40 Dutch LGBT volunteers

The song was inspired by songwriter Amy Kuney's own experience growing up gay in America


Words: Steve Brown

Singer/songwriters Matt Simons and Amy Kuney have created a powerful lyric video for their latest single 'Amy's Song'.

Inspired by Kuney's own experiences growing up as a gay woman in America, the song challenges people to question their beliefs around which love is considered “right”.

The remarkable one-take video features Kuney along with 40 volunteers from the Dutch LGBTQ+ community. All proceeds from the “Amy’s Song” music video will be donated to the United Nations Foundation in support of their equality-focused initiatives.

Directed by Kris Pouw, the compelling video shows members of the LGBTQ community holding up cardboard lyric signs over their faces, capturing the conflict many confront when deciding between coming out and keeping their identities hidden.

As the song progresses, faces appear, the couples no longer hide their love, and come together in solidarity to show who they are.

Kuney said: “'Amy’s song' is very special to me. It’s my story as a gay woman who grew up in a very conservative Christian environment where being gay was considered a ‘choice’ and an abomination.

"I know that thousands of others experience this, or similar struggles and I hope this song can offer comfort and hope to them. I also pray that the song raises a tough question for those who are so fearful and close-minded that they can’t understand the love they condemn.

"‘Does their god really give a damn?’ Matt Simons could have written a song about anything else on the day we met to collaborate, but he selflessly helped me write my own story and he’s using his voice and platform so that people will hear it. For that, I’m forever grateful.”

Pouw added: “What makes 'Amy’s Song' special for me is the beautiful group of people involved, the notion of 41 individuals, each with their own story, coming together to share this important message of equality.

"The group of volunteers started small, but then quickly grew organically as everyone began sharing their stories and relevant connections. This project feels like a collective work of art and I’m very proud of it.”

Simons continued: “Amy is one of the bravest people I know. I’m so honored to have collaborated on this song together and it is a privilege to call her my friend.

"I hope our song is able to reach people feeling ostracized by their families and/or communities and help them feel a little less alone in the world."

Watch the video to the moving song below: