Watch Nyle DiMarco teach Tyler Oakley how to flirt in sign language

Top model Nyle DiMarco has joined YouTube star Tyler Oakley for a video in which he teaches him how to flirt in sign language. Tyler, whose videos are captioned for those with hearing difficulties anyway, is seen learning all the classic pick up lines from hunky Nyle, including, "Do you come here often?", "Can I buy you a drink?" and the all important "Want to go back to your place?" "Accessibility is important because it is inclusive, which means more people are involved," Nyle says. "It makes them feel important. I'm always inspired every time I meet hearing people and find out they know sign language. Our friendship also develops a lot faster." Nyle, who has been deaf since birth, won America's Next Top Model in 2015, and is currently wowing U.S. audiences in Dancing With The Stars. He came out as sexually fluid last year. To learn more about tackling the stigma around disability, visit dosomething.org and learn more about the work Nyle is doing with them. More stories Nyle DiMarco dons a loincloth for Tarzan inspired Dancing With The Stars routine Watch: Exclusive preview from Tyler Oakley's 'Snervous'