WATCH | New Christmas ad tells the story of a long-distance same-sex relationship

The advert was created by Phil Beastall, the man behind the tear-jerking 2018 ad 'Love is a Gift'


The man behind last years’ tear-jerking Christmas advert is back with another emotional story.

During the festive season last year, Phil Beastall shared a short film he made back in 2014 called Love is a Gift, which saw a man listening to cassette tapes left for him by his late mother in the lead up to Christmas.

Many dubbed the advert – which was shot for just £50 – better than the John Lewis Elton John campaign which failed to resonate with audiences.

And now, Beastall is back with a brand new advert and we are loving it.

Made for You tells the story of a long-distance same-sex relationship and opens with Rhys lying on his bed speaking to his partner John over video chat.

As the advert continues, we see the couple share moments including birthdays, Halloween and even dancing but all through video chats.

Throughout the advert, we see Rhys scrolling through pictures of him and John and there is a clear look of sadness on his face.

We see various messages between the two each telling each other that they love one another.

As the festive period arrives, Rhys heads home to his parents and when he starts to unwrap his presents on Christmas morning, there is a gift addressed to ‘Joker’ – a reference to the mask he wore on Halloween.

As he is staring at the present, John enters the room and gets down on one knee to ask ‘wanna dance?’ to which Rhys responds, ‘Sure’.

Watch the new advert below: