Watch | How would you react if your dad came out as gay?

How do you think you would react if your father sat you down this weekend to reveal he was a gay man? That’s the premise of a new video by Culture Beats, who spoke to men and women from a variety of backgrounds about how they would deal with the unexpected news. “I would try to talk to him, and try to understand maybe, but it would be a shock for the whole family,” says a woman from Austria. “[I’d be] surprised, but great, fantastic!” says a man from Holland. “It would be a great surprise, but I would ask him why I’m here if he is gay?” says a man from the Netherlands. Late last year, the same filmmakers also spoke to people about how they would react if their child were gay. Check out the video below: More stories: Justin Bieber flaunts it for new Calvin Klein campaign Watch | Gay porn stars reveal the questions they’re tired of hearing