Watch: Harry Styles wields Pride flag at One Direction gig

Harry Styles has given his fans yet another reason to love him: during a recent One Direction gig in New York he briefly walked around the stage holding a rainbow Pride flag. The Buffalo date on the quartet's On The Road Again Tour saw the handsome hitmaker showing his support for LGBT+ fans; echoing a similar move at a Vancouver show earlier this year. It was a welcome gesture not only because it’s a nice thing to do, but also because his bandmates have got themselves in hot water for inadvertently causing offence in the past. COJbD1bUAAAXPp8 Liam Payne had to deny being homophobic over some tenuous remarks made at one gig, while Louis Tomlinson flipped out at a journalist when she praised him for appearing to support out Apple exec Tim Cook by wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the company’s logo in rainbow colours. He took her words to be an insinuation that he too is gay. https://twitter.com/cantdraghes/status/640416958740041729 https://twitter.com/okaynotokayokay/status/640392402629345281 https://twitter.com/twinkbfs/status/640354587602391048 One Direction will release their fifth album - their first without Zayn Malik - later this year, featuring their chart-topping summer hit Drag Me Down. They won't tour the LP, and will instead take a lengthy hiatus. Simon Cowell has said he hopes they will give their farewell performance on The X Factor final.