Watch: Britney Spears pranks hot bodyguard for hidden camera show

Britney Spears proved she will literally do whatever anyone tells her to do (JOKING, Britney fans) during a recent Best Time Ever segment in which she pranked three potential bodyguards. Host Neil Patrick Harris enlisted his "second-favourite" Jonas brother, Joe, to help with the task as Britney put her potential bodyguards through their paces while NPH and Jonas fed Britney increasingly bizarre lines to recite. It's all fun and games, but Britney: If you didn't end up hiring bodyguard no. 1, Andrew Opal, you've missed a trick - he's a beardy, tattooed slab of a man who we'd happily let guard OUR body (or something): Bodyguard Brit's certainly having a fun week - only a few days ago she turned up to the Rockit Dance Studio in California, where she stepped in as dance instructor and taught a class of children the moves to Madonna’s Give Me All Your Luvin’. Check out her bodyguard skit in full below - we've gotta say, fellow bodyguard Wesley Patterson displays some pretty hot moves when Britney makes him dance on stage: More stories: ‘#LG5’: Lady Gaga teases fifth album Listen: Sia teases new single originally written for Adele, ‘Alive’