Watch | Britney dances to Adele's 'Hello'

As '25' takes the world by storm and breaks first week sales records everywhere, even her fellow A-listers aren't immune from Adele-mania. The latest star to show their admiration for the Someone Like You siner is none other than Britney Spears, who's channeling her emotions into expressive dance set to Adele's mammoth comeback track 'Hello'. 1B5E39C5 The two musical megastars have been having a bit of a mutual love-in of late, after Adele revealed that seeing Brit's Las Vegas residency was top of the her list of future priorities, and the Pretty Girls singer responded in kind by floating the idea of a ticket swap. In a short clip posted to Twitter over the weekend (November 29), Spears practices some pirouettes in slow-motion, shot in a grainy black-and-white filter that channels the heart-wrenching original video. "I could dance to this song a million times," the 33-year-old wrote alongside the video. "Love you @Adele". https://twitter.com/britneyspears/status/670807644827840512 Whether the end result provides the same sledgehammer emotional blow or not is obviously down to a matter of personal taste - but frankly, all we wanna know is when Ms Adkins is gonna return the compliment with her own frame-by-frame recreation of 'Scream and Shout'. More stories: Watch | Two of Brazil’s biggest actors kiss live on TV Watch | 10 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about the penis