Watch brand TRIWA creates new time-piece out of guns

A limited edition watch made from destructed illegal firearms



Armed violence is a global epidemic with more than 500 million illegal firearms in existence across the world, particularly affecting developing countries.

Accounting for at least one person shot and killed every minute, the need to stamp out violence related to guns is imperative. Time can change that. 

TRIWA x HUMANIUM METAL is a unique collaboration, forming a watch from destructed illegal firearms.

Crafted out of something that was once a destructive force, the metal is melted and moulded to form something useful.

Though only a small step in this direction, the symbolic value of the TRIWA x HUMANIUM METAL watch will leave an emphatic message.

The sales generated from the metal will be used as a financial resource to help rebuild conflict torn societies and the support of victims of armed violence.

The Watch

The watch is moulded into one solitaire unit with a contrasting metal treatment of brushed and polished surfaces, featuring premium scratch resistant sapphire glass.

The new watch can be made in two sizes, 39mm and 34mm, and in two different dial styles -a dark grey vertically brushed dial and a vertically brushed steel dial.

The case is contrasted by the fiery red second hand, date and crown.

Powered by a Japanese Citizen Miyota movement, each watch is 10 ATM water resistant and exclusively engraved on the backplate with the number in which it was produced.

The TRIWA X HUMANIUM METAL watch is finished with either a Swedish, Tärnsjö organically tanned leather strap or a military green canvas strap made from recycled PET bottles. 

Humanium Metal

The Humanium Metal Initiative by IM Swedish Development Partner is supported by local governments and authorities, as well as some of the most renowned international experts and peace advocates such as the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Hans Blix.

With each gun destroyed, the negative impact on society is diminished, defining Humanium as the most valuable metal.

The more products created using Humanium generates more funds for destruction programs and generates support for victims of gun related violence.

 Ann Svensén, Secretary General of IM, said: “Every gun melted and turned into Humanium Metal is one gun less on  the streets.”

“The watch industry is so focused on status and precious metals,” added Ludvig Scheja, co-founder of TRIWA.

“With this most precious metal of them all we hope to add new values to the industry and make our contribution for a more peaceful world.”