WATCH: Benedict Cumberbatch opens up on playing drag

The Doctor Strange star admitted he is comfortable with his gender fluidity


Benedict Cumberbatch has opened up about playing women. 

The Avengers: Infinity War star dropped by The Late Late Show With James Corden with former Attitude cover star Kylie Minogue and during the interview, the two stars were asked about drag culture and both revealed their history with drag queens. 

After Corden showed the audience a photo of the actor in drag, Cumberbatch said: "I went to an all-boys boarding school so I played women from a very early age. 


"I'm very comfortable with that side of my gender fluidity and it's all cool."

Cumberbatch then revealed some of the female roles he's played, saying: "I played Titania, queen of the fairies when I was 13 and Rosalind when I was 14." 

Meanwhile, Kylie revealed she once went to a Kylie Minogue-themed drag queen night at a gay club. But since the singer wasn't expecting to be at the club, she didn't dress up. 

She joked: "I was the least Kylie of all the Kylies.

"I wasn't in full flight. I'm tiny - so me in a little hippy outfit standing next to four robust Kylies, it was quite something!" 

The Stop Me From Falling singer later taught Cumberbatch and Corden how to line dance. 

Watch the interview below: