Watch Attitude and Student Pride's 'Pride Not Prejudice' panel on racism in the gay community

Points were made at Student Pride in London on Saturday (23 February).


Words: Will Stroude

The 14th annual Student Pride was held in London this weekend, offering two days of events, discussion, and celebration for the next generation of LGBTQ people.

Among the events taking place at the University of Westminster's Marylebone campus on Saturday was Attitude's 'Pride Not Prejudice' panel, which saw some of Britain's leading LGBTQ activists take to the stage to discuss the ongoing issue of racism in the gay community.

Hosted by Attitude Editor-in-Chief Cliff Joannou, the discussion saw the BBC's first LGBT Correspondent Be Hunte, UK Black Pride's Moud Goba, Brexit whisleblower Shahmir Sanni, model and activist Monroe Bergdorf and model Reece King share their experiences as they offered personal insight on tackling racism on the scene.

The group discussed everything from the concept of white privelege to the recent furore over Manchester Pride's decision to include black and brown stripes in the Pride flag on their artwork for 2019, while Ben Hunte revealed the horrifying level of racist and homophobic abuse he's received since his appointment as BBC News LGBT correspondent in December.

One the most memorable takeaways of the day came from Shahmir Sanni, the Breixt whislteblower who was publicly outed by Number 10 in an attempt to discredit him he supplied evidence that Vote Leave Broke campaigner finance rules in the run-up to the 2016 referencum on EU membership.

Addressing white members of the LGBTQ community and urging them to do more to challenge prejudice, he issued an important reminder: "Racism is your problem, not ours."

Watch Attitude and Student Pride's 'Pride Not Prejudice' panel discussion below: