Watch another exclusive clip from gay-themed comedy 'G.B.F.'

GBF3 sausageToday we have another exclusive clip from gay-themed teen comedy G.B.F. - just in time for its release on Friday (March 21). This time we get to see Andrea Bowen (Julie Mayer on Desperate Housewives) in action as Mormon girl 'Shley (short for Ashley(. 'Shley is in the running for Prom Queen and is looking to recruit the newly out Tanner (Michael J Willett) as her Gay Best Friend and clinch the title. Sweet and a little naive, 'Shley is the leader of the 'goody two-shoes' clique with fellow Mormon boyfriend , the incredibly hot 'Topher (short for Christopher and played by Taylor Frey). In this final exclusive clip, Tanner is having dinner with 'Shley and 'Topher before being thrust into 'girl-talk time' in the bathroom, including a somewhat uncomfortable sex chat. G.B.F is released via Peccadillo Pictures in cinemas and on demand this Friday (March 21). A DVD and Blu-ray release follows on April 7. This Sunday (March 23), a special screening will take place at London’s Prince Charles Cinemas followed by a Q&A with director Darren Stein and star Michael J Willett. Book tickets here: http://bit.ly/1kxnOaJ >Exclusive clip: Megan Mullally in gay-themed comedy 'G.B.F.' >Watch a clip from new gay-themed film ‘G.B.F.’ >Gay comedy ‘G.B.F’ unveils new trailer – watch it now [youtube height="315" width="650"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GRp10h5wGI[/youtube]